Lily Wallet
Lily is the easiest way to securely store and manage your Bitcoin
Security made easy.
Lily was designed to remove the complexity of making multisignature vaults.
  1. Connect devices to computer via USB
  2. Click to add to vault
  3. Start sending and receiving money
Stateless and private.
Lily is constructed from a password encrypted configuration file.
There is no database, no data tracking, no analytics.
Multiple Accounts
Organize your money into multiple accounts for different uses. Each account is its own HD Wallet.
PSBT Architecture
Uses Partially Signed Bitcoin Transaction format which will allow more sophisticated signing features in the future.
Bitcoin is an open system and your accounts should be too. Easily export your accounts to be used in other software like Caravan and BlueWallet.
Open Source
All code is open source and auditable. Don't trust. Verify.